Speaker Interview: Jarrett Gucci

Jarret runs a WordPress fix it service where he helps fix WordPress problems for a small flat rate fee. He’s taken some time to participate in our Speaker Interview series.

Jarrett also runs a community on Facebook that is WordPress related. You can find out a lot more about Jarrett in his bio.

Jarrett will be presenting on What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do.


NILE FLORES: What got you interested in WordPress?

JARRETT GUCCI: At first because I was looking for a solution that I could pass off to client and allow them to manage their own content. What kept me around WordPress was and is the community behind it.

NILE FLORES: What is the most interesting WordPress-related project you’ve worked on?

JARRETT GUCCI: JamesRay.com which included e-commerce and sensei lesson drip.

NILE FLORES: Name 3 WordPress plugins that have always been on your MUST install list, and why.

JARRETT GUCCI: So hard to pick just 3 but these I would say are a must.

NILE FLORES: What is something interesting about you that the WordPress community doesn’t know?

JARRETT GUCCI: I have a passion to help homeless people and hope one day to start my movement called PB&J Across the USA where 1 million PB&J sandwiches will be passed out to homeless people.

NILE FLORES: In regards to new WordPress users, what one or two pieces of advice would you give them that could be very helpful?

JARRETT GUCCI: Make sure you have selected a host that accommodates WordPress and offers excellent support. Get involved in online WordPress communities to forge relationships with others that can help when you get stuck.

If you have any questions for Jarrett, you can either ask in the comments section of this post, or at the conference.

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