Mary Baum

… IS your mom, if your mom were a geek.

A veteran creative, degreed designer and somewhat-recent convert to the principles of direct marketing, Mary Baum runs a branding practice called Marginhancers that starts by building sites on the Genesis framework – now with Foundation!

An aspiring WordPress theme reviewer, she occasionally writes and speaks on topics at the crossroads of design and code.

Nuts about: Macs, tech, type, tennis, iOS, CSS and cats.

Pet peeves: Cold weather, dead copy, cottage cheese, sour cream, mayo and the Mac app Preview.

Mary is married to Dick Moomaw, an aerospace engineer, and they have 2.5 grown children: a sportswriter in New England (part of a couple, hence the .5) and a Mizzou freshman/sometime Sugarfire staffer.

Jennifer Swisher

Jennifer is a part of the web team at Goedeker’s, a locally owned appliance and home goods store. There, she designs website features and sale collateral. When she’s not there, she picks up the occasional freelance gig and hangs out with her dog, Loki.

Jennifer became interested in WordPress in 2010 when she had to learn about it for a previous job. Since then she has been creating child themes while learning more about php. Right now she is in the process of creating her very first theme, which she hopes to finish sometime this year.

Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson ( aka the other Aaron ) works for Red8 Interactive where he builds sites with WordPress. When he’s not taking on any freelance projects. he hasfun with his family as much as he can.

Aaron has worked with WordPress for about 5 years. He mainly focuses on themes, but does have a very strong interest in building plugins. He hopes to build a few this year.

When not playing around in WordPress, he likes to keep learning more about PHP and JavaScript.

Chris Miller

Eric Juden

Nile Flores

Nile Flores is a Sassy Southern Illinois mom who is a WordPress designer and Developer. She’s been in WordPress since the b2 cafelog days and loves helping out the WordPress Community by contributing to the WordPress Codex, helping in the Forums, and speaking at WordCamps. Nile is also a PHP software developer with several popular GPL scripts available at Hotscripts, and has earned several dozen web and graphic design awards over the past decade.

Nile runs, which talks on topics like WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, and Web Design. She also runs All About WordPress on Facebook, a rapidly growing community of over 7,000 members dedicated to offering help to WordPressers around the world.

When Nile isn’t knee deeping in code or questions, she’s reading, oil painting, writing, or practicing traditional Shoren Kempo karate while working toward her 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Amanda Potts

Amanda is one half of the amazing Anda Creative – a visual communication agency specializing in strategic branding, print design, website design and development services.

Her primary goal is to create great, nice-looking work that produces great, nice-looking results for her clients.

Lucas Lima

Lucas is a Technology Project Manager at Brasa Design and an advocate of the Free Software and Open Source projects. He’s been working hard to learn and spread the world of the free software and free web, trying to be an active member of the Brazilian and St. Louis WordPress community since 2012.

Chris Koerner

Chris is a long time WordPress tinkerer. He’s been writing with WordPress since 2005 and is a co-organizer of the St. Louis WordPress Community Meetup group. Chris enjoys working with local small business and non-profits to build a sustainable and well-designed web presence – using WordPress of course.

During the day he’s lucky enough to work at Mercy – a non-profit healthcare system headquartered in St. Louis. Chris helps with UI and UX standards for data visualization efforts and helps manage documentation for Mercy’s Data Analytics and Reporting team.

Aaron Graham

Aaron is one of the luckiest WordPressers in St. Louis since his day job is doing theme and plugin development for Washington University’s WordPress sites.

Outside of work he enjoys helping wrangle the St. Louis WordPress meetup and listening to as many (mostly WordPress-related) podcasts as he can during his hour long commute.  When he eventually gets away from technology he enjoys spending time with his awesome wife while they play with their dogs (a German Shepard mix and a Yorkie), hike, fish, and camp.

In an alternate universe, he ended up becoming an auto mechanic since his 4th love (behind his wife and the dogs) is his 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle which he spends more time tinkering with than actually driving.