Official Afterparty Announce­ment!

Photo Courtesy of The Chicago Reader

Photo Courtesy of The Chicago Reader

We are excited to announce that this year’s WordCamp St. Louis afterparty will be at the City Museum! If you’ve never been to the CM, get ready for an amazing time. The City Museum is a 600,000 square foot mega playground that’s a blast for both children and adults.

The City Museum was opened in 1997 after artist Bob Cassilly purchased the former International Shoe Company and along with his crew, built the museum using found objects. The City Museum has features like old chimneys, salvaged bridges, cranes, and my personal favorite, a seven-story slide!

Free admission is included in the cost of your ticket to WordCamp St. Louis. There are still some tickets for WordCamp left. Get your ticket now!

4 thoughts on “Official Afterparty Announce­ment!

  1. If you really want to have some fun at City Museum be sure to bring some kneepads and a camping headlamp. Trust me this is not your father’s museum.

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