How do I get there?

If you plan to come by car, train, bus, bike or horse you might need to check this out…

First off, for those of you are going to be using MetroLink, MetroBus and riding a bike to get to WordCamp, WUSTL has a brochure with a map that includes locations of MetroLink stops, MetroBus stops, bike racks, and more here.



If you’re going to be driving to WordCamp St. Louis, click “Continue Reading” for more information.

Drivers need to pay special attention to avoid tickets:

ParkingParking is free, but you do need to make sure you park in a “Yellow” zone. If you park in the “Red” zone or a “commuter” spot you will get a ticket.






There are a few levels you can park on, but no matter where you end up finding a spot make your way to the set of stairs marked on the map.




Here is a map with a marker for the staircase:

From there, it’s a short walk across Throop Dr (see the image below) and once you’re inside, there will be signs guiding you to the registration.


And for those of you who attended last year’s WordCamp, the construction that caused so many headaches is done so there are no road closures or detours to worry about.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or send us a tweet at@WordCampSTL