Call for Volunteers

WordCamp is 100% organized by volunteers from the area, and there’s a lot to do.  Click the “continue reading” link to find out where you can help and submit an application to join a great team of people.

To get it all done, we need your help:

Registration (4-8 needed)
Are you a morning person? Show up an hour early and help the check-in process run fast and friendly, so we can all start on time. You’ll also get first crack at the pastry table!

Room Runner (8 needed)
Organized and looking for some cardio? Room runners make sure the speakers have whatever they need, like water, power cords, video adapters … if something’s missing, they run (or walk) to get it.

Room MC (4 needed)
Comfortable speaking in front of a group, but only for less than a minute? This is the job for you! As an MC, you’ll say a few words to introduce each speaker — and make announcements if we need to get the word out about something in real time.

Room Video (4-8 needed)
Rather watch the presentation on a screen?  No, not on the iPad of the person in front of you. On the viewfinder of the video camera at the back of the room! We shoot video of every talk and send it in. Eventually, it winds up on

Happiness Bar
Do you know the difference between a filter and an action, or an em and a rem? Come help answer questions and help show off the vaunted friendliness of the WordPress community. Some say it’s our best feature!

Can’t decide which one you’d like to do? Don’t see the thing you’d really like to do?  Drop us a line and let us know — and we’ll be in touch.