Afterparty Update

Holy cow!  WordCamp St. Louis is less than 4 days away!  It seems like just yesterday we were started planning.  I’m really excited for everything we have in store for this weekend and I hope you are too.

I just wanted to pass on a quick update about the Afterparty (no `capital_P_dangit` oddly enough).  Due to some “crossed wires” the schedule originally listed the Afterparty as starting at 6pm, when in fact it is actually going to start at 7pm.  Also, we wanted to let everyone know that we’re going to have light appetizers, ice tea and lemonade, and a cash bar.  If you’re looking for a full dinner, there are dozen’s of restaurants within walking distance of City Museum and we hope that the extra hour between the end of the day and the Afterparty will allow you enough time to sample some of Downtown St. Louis’ vibrant culinary scene.

If you do decide to stop for dinner before coming to the Afterparty, don’t worry about being late as we are going to be climbing through caves, sliding down monster slides, and running around skateless skate parks until 11pm.  But don’t forget that we’ve got a full day of hands-on activities planned for Community Day on Sunday, so save some of your energy for helping then.

See you all soon!

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